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Our products and engineering solutions for the CEMENT INDUSTRY meet all the demands of the sector, from the extraction of raw materials to the production of cement. From the rotary kiln and cooling system to bulk material handling for your cement mill applications. ABS offers a wide range of specialty and standard Bearings and Power transmission solutions that can help to extend and optimize the service life of your manufacturing systems.

Cement Products


Industrial COUPLINGS are essential elements in most industrial mechanical systems that serve to connect two…


We design and manufacture custom GEARBOXES adapting to any application or technical requirement. The gearbox…
Special Bearings ACB

Special Bearings

Looking for SPECIAL BEARINGS? Whatever your equipment, at ABS we can design and manufacture the…

Support Rollers

SUPPORT ROLLERS are characterized by having an outer ring with a very high thickness, which…

Apron Conveyors

APRON CONVEYORS are powered by a cycle-running chain and may carry a wide range of…

Bearing housing

BEARING HOUSINGS are highly engineered modular components that make it simple to install bearings and…

Open Gears

Open Gears are large wheel and pinion assemblies, typically used in industrial machinery, such as…

Engineered Steel Chains

ENGINEERED CHAINS are used as traction elements in heavy-duty conveyors of cane sugar mills, palm…

Planetary Gearboxes

A PLANETARY GEARBOX is used to transfer the highest torque in the most compacted form.…

Cement Projects

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