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BEARING HOUSINGS are highly engineered modular components that make it simple to install bearings and shafts while also protecting bearings, prolonging their life, and making maintenance easier. ABS provides standard bearing housing and custom bearing housing under its brand ACB, which can be tailored to specific customer needs such as load, speed, and operating conditions.

A housing may contain a bearing with one of several types of rolling elements, including balls, cylindrical rollers, spherical rollers, or tapered rollers. They are designed to protect the bearing from corrosive environments, dust particles, or other contaminants that could enter the bearing and contaminate its lubrication.

Thus, the housing provides a clean environment for the environmentally sensitive bearing to rotate free from contaminants while also retaining lubrication, either oil or grease, hence increasing its performance and duty cycle.

It enables the outer ring to be stationary while allowing rotation of the inner ring.

The Bearing Housing can be either split type or solid type.