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Extreme temperatures, dust, contamination and fluctuating humidity are just some of the problems faced by mechanical components in the STEEL INDUSTRY. Add to this high-speed cycling, extreme torque and shock loads, and you are faced with conditions of maximum demand. ABS works with the STEEL INDUSTRY to design Bearings and Power transmission products fully compliant with their quality requirements and guarantee response under the most critical conditions.

Steel Products

Bearing Housing

BEARING HOUSINGS are highly engineered modular components that make it simple to install bearings and…

Cardan Shafts

The CARDAN SHAFT is a mechanical component that connects two non-coaxial shafts in order to…

Engineering Chains

Our ENGINEERING CHAINS receive a proper heat treatment in order to achieve the right balance…


We design and manufacture custom GEARBOXES adapting to any application or technical requirement. Increase torque,…


A GEAR is a rotating machine part with cut teeth that mesh with another toothed…

Industrial Bearings

BEARINGS are fundamental mechanical components for the optimum operation of production systems in heavy industry.…
Mill Rolls ABS

Mill Rolls

We provide various grades of rolls manufactured to meet specific operational requirements. ABS controls and…

Planetary Gearboxes

A PLANETARY GEARBOX is used to transfer the highest torque in the most compacted form.…
Special Bearings ACB

Special Bearings

Looking for SPECIAL BEARINGS? Whatever your equipment, at ABS we can design and manufacture the…

Steel Projects

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