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AEC  Atlantic Engineering Chains

AEC Atlantic Engineering Chains arises as a supplier of highly engineered chains designed to measure to guarantee superior performance and extend the useful life of a large part of the production equipment destined for heavy industry. Each of the components that make up our chains is manufactured with the highest quality steels and steel alloys and comply with the most demanding quality standards in the market.

AEC engineering chains receive a proper heat treatment attaining the right balance between resistance to shock loading forces and long wear life.

AEC’s primary goal is to offer customers a custom solution guarantying long-lasting and cost-effective chains.

FEM Analysis

To quickly understand it, the FEM (Finite Element Method) is a technique commonly used in mechanical engineering to study and investigate structural behaviors and detect possible problems to improve them.

It would be like dividing a complex problem into a series of more straightforward problems (“finite elements”) to make the general problem easier to investigate and solve. Our engineers usually use the FEM in combination with the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to develop a design adapted to the different applications that our customers may need.

It is one of the critical techniques used in developing different simulation software. FEM-based software allows reducing the number of physical prototypes by executing virtual prototypes that will be virtually subjected to workloads that allow studying their behavior to optimize and customize the industrial design.

Solidworks®, AutoCad®, and FEM analysis are CAD tools integrated with the design and development process of AEC Atlantic Engineering Chains design and development process. Today our Simulations and 3D models guarantee that our prototypes are tough enough to withstand extreme conditions of the most demanding conveying applications.

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