Bearing Reconditioning

In order to rebuild or replace bearing elements  which  in many  cases means large savings for our customers, our company offers the option to recover and  repair  large bearings  for industries such as cement plants, sugar  cane industry, mining, pulp  &  paper mills, steel mills,  material handing  and industrial production equipment. The new reconstructed bearings are returned to the customer in a shorter period of time as if it had to be manufactured new and with a much lower cost. The final product passes through the same Quality control system in order  to  ensure the quality goal requested.


Bearing Modifications

In many cases, a controlled and professional modification of standard bearings is one of the easiest way to achieve our customer's needs cost-efficiently. Changing clearances is perhaps the most common modification, but we also regularly incorporate custom material elements, bearing components modifications for aggressive work conditions as well as improving bearing maintenance in order to minimize equipment downtime.


Bearing Modifications types

- Manufacture special ball and cylindrical roller bearings.

- Manufacture spherical rod end and plain spherical bearings.
- Recondition ball and cylindrical roller bearings.
- Regrind ball and roller raceways to change internal clearances (Ex.C3 to C4)
- Disassemble bearings to change retainers from steel or plastic to bronze or phenolic.
- Disassemble bearings to refit with ceramic balls.
- Add W33 or W26 to ball and roller bearings.
- Add tapered bores to any ball or roller bearings.
- Add spherical OD and self-aligning rings to bearing OD's.
- Add locating holes for locking pins in bearing OD's.
- Manufacture spacers & grind for proper bench endplay for inch and metric tapered roller      bearing assemblies.

- Flush grind and preload angular contact and radial ball bearings.
- Add snap ring groove and snap ring to ball, spherical, cylindrical and tapered roller bearings.
- Manufacture 5L and N5L NDH style bearings.
- Add V groove to bearing OD's.


Examples of bearing repairs, or combination of those items

- New Balls or Rollers

- New Inner Race
- New Outer Race
- New I.R. and O.R.
- New Retainer
- Beyond Repair
- Polishing and Cleaning Only
- New Side or Snap Ring

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