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We provide preventative, predictive, and corrective maintenance services through our global network of Service and Repair Centers. We have highly qualified specialists and the necessary equipment to serve the major manufacturers, including bearing and gearbox test benches configured to simulate real operating conditions with high dynamic loads.

The condition of bearings has a significant influence on production processes and they can be reconditioned to extend their service life significantly. ABS can recondition all types of bearings regardless of the manufacturer.

Our industrial mechanical products (Bearings, Engineering Chains, Gearboxes…), are highly engineered products that have been previously tested through simulations and have passed numerous quality tests before being put into operation for the first time, with the intention of prolonging their service life as much as possible. However, there is no mechanical component that lasts forever.

They are usually subjected to very demanding working conditions and despite complying with adequate maintenance, they are exposed to a series of factors that cause their wear and as a consequence their malfunction: high temperatures, strong vibrations, excessive contamination, insufficient lubrication…

In most cases, and if possible, the option to repair and recondition a bearing or any related mechanical component leads to significant savings in time and cost compared to a newly manufactured bearing. In addition, it is also the most sustainable option -in a reconditioned mechanical component we can reuse approximately 70% of the materials compared to the manufacture of a new component-. However, to proceed with its reconditioning with guarantees, it is necessary to have a team of highly qualified technicians and engineers and the equipment and facilities necessary to proceed with its inspection, analysis of improvements, and finally the repairs that are necessary for that can be reused.

ABS has a long and successful history of repairing and reconditioning bearings and mechanical components for many heavy industry sectors. Furthermore, our refurbished bearings are subjected to the same Quality Controls as our newly made bearings.

In order to estimate the costs and time required, the bearing must be cleaned after dismounting and carefully checked.  Logically, it is a solution that must first be evaluated by our technical department, but if viable, it would result in a solution that is entirely efficient, faster, cheaper, and more sustainable.

Refurbishment bearings process:

  • Disassembly and Inspection
    Disassembling the bearing
    Cleaning the components
    Measurement of components
    Final inspection report
  • Restoration
    Polishing of components
  • Reconstruction
    Grinding of raceways
    Component replacement (new balls and rollers, retainers…)
    Replacement of rings
  • Bearing assembly & lubrication
  • Bearing packing and shipping