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Our Engineering and Scientific departments collaborate to deliver the best advising, design, development, manufacturing, and analytical evaluation services to meet any mechanical need connected to bearings and power transmission elements, regardless of industry.

Specialized technical consulting

At ABS, we have a team of commercial engineers with a local presence, who are highly qualified and have extensive experience in the sectors they serve. Our mission is to listen, advise, and accompany our clients in any need or technical query that may arise in relation to your products and production system equipment: problems and improvements in functionality, maintenance, applications, and fault solutions on any of the mechanical drives we support.

Simulation techniques for the design and manufacture of mechanical components

At ABS Atlantic Bearing we work with the most advanced simulation software and techniques and with certified engineers, with the aim of evaluating virtually every bearing or mechanical component that we design and manufacture. We realistically simulate, through a combination of mathematical methodologies and calculation tools, among which are the well-known FEM (Finite Element Method) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis), the work of the bearing, subjecting it to the parameters and specific working conditions for which it will be required. Based on the results of our simulation tests, and if necessary, the design of the component may be modified to ensure its optimal performance in a real environment.

The advantage of working with simulations logically minimizes the need for field tests, allowing a reduction in costs, production time and optimizing performance to the maximum.