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We manage and supervise the whole produce journey : from design to manufacturing and distribution. We continously improve our Global Supply Chain. And it’s because we know how important it is for you that we can provide a high-quality service that helps you save money, reduce downtime and optimize your production.

At ABS Atlantic Bearing we are responsible for designing, manufacturing, purchasing and distributing internationally all the products that we make available to our customers. In other words, we manage the supply chain from beginning to end. We fulfill and integrate the operations of acquisition of materials, production, logistics operators, point of sale and end customer.

This is a determining factor for the strategy and success of our company and for the satisfaction of our customers since it guarantees that their demand is covered at all times while having the advantage of being informed on time of the status and location of their order from the moment of contracting until arrival at the delivery point.

ABS Supply Model

Global Presence

Supply Chain

Added value

Leveraging our Supply Chain operations

  • Global supply chain with strong presence in Asia, Europe and Americas.
  • Partnership with main logistics operators internationally and locally.
  • Office in China with its own supply chain department.
  • Full control and traceability during manufacturing and transportation.
  • Integrated quality control from design to delivery.
  • Diversified supply base with top line partners.
  • Quick response focused on customer needs.
  • Flexibility: From long term supply agreements to punctual supplies.
  • Expertise in emergencies deliveries including urgent deliveries by plane of heavy equipment.

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