ABS joins the Gear Research Institute, strengthening its commitment to R&D&I


Following its strategic expansion line, ABS joins the Gear Research Institute (GRI), an independent non- profit body attached to ASME and AGMA and affiliated with Penn State University, whose objective is to support the industry sector of gear manufacturing through various activities and services related to R&D&I.

The Institute, which has been promoting and supporting cooperative research since 1982, has several Centers and Laboratories from which they provide high-level technical assistance, applied research and technological development, as well as specialized training programs for future industry professionals.

With its incorporation, ABS will become part of a technology transfer network composed of reference companies in various sectors such as Boeing, John Deer, Kawasaki and Rolls-Royce among others, having access to the information disseminated from the Institute and enabling ABS its integration into research groups that are of interest within the framework of its R&D&I strategy.

Testing Capabilities of the Gear Research Institute

Gear Performance Characterization Techniques

  • Rolling/Sliding Contact Fatigue
  • Tooth Bending Fatigue
  • Efficiency
  • Scuffing
  • Loss of Lubrication
  • Impact/Strain Rate Sensitivity

Gear Modeling Capabilities Current/Recent Research Areas

  • Micro pitting in Gears
  • Cavitation Peening
  • Corrosion Resistant Gear Steels
  • High Cycle Fatigue
  • Powder Metal Advanced Grinding
  • Grinding Burn in Gears

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