ABS, Committed to Industry Advancement at ABMA and AGMA Annual Meeting 2024


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ABS proudly served as a gold sponsor at the ABMA and AGMA 2024 meetings from March 14th to 16th. This sponsorship, coinciding with our company’s 25th anniversary, symbolizes our unwavering dedication and trajectory. Our CEO, Alejandro Pardiñas, also had the privilege of attending as a member of the ABMA board of directors, further solidifying our commitment and leadership in the industry.

In the impressive setting provided by Napa Valley, various meetings took place addressing issues related to education, organizational transformation, and regulations, among others. Emphasis was also placed on establishing a solid governmental promotion strategy, which is crucial for enhancing our voice in the decision-making processes and ensuring the strength of this critical sector for the entire North American industry.

During the meetings, Alejandro Pardiñas had the opportunity to provide updates on the collaborative project to review the Failure Atlas for Rolling Bearings in Wind Turbines. This ABS-driven project, a testament to our dedication to industry innovation and standards, is a joint effort with specialists from NREL and members of the technical committees of ABMA and AGMA. It aims to ensure the Atlas remains a reference document for diagnosing, repairing, designing, and manufacturing components and additives for the new generation of wind turbines.

ABS is proud to participate actively in the critical work of AGMA and ABMA. Year after year, we seize the opportunity to share and enrich our industry’s extensive knowledge alongside leading companies. We firmly believe that by pooling our efforts and expertise, we can make significant advancements and continue to drive the development and progress of the sector on a global scale.

Alejandro Pardinas, at the ABMA Board of Directors.
Alejandro Pardinas, at the ABMA Board of Directors.

Front row, left to right: Evelise Faro (Tsubaki), Jenny Blackford, (ABMA), Tony Richey (Specialty Steel Treating), Doug Smith (The Timken Company), Todd Praneis.

Second row, left to right: Eric Ovendorf (Schaeffler North America), Bob Komasara (Nachi Technology), Gary Bourque (JTEKT North America), Brian Parsons (NSK), Alejandro Pardinas (ABS, Atlantic Bearing Services), Pete Eich (NTN Bearing Corporation of America).

Alejandro Pardinas, CEO of ABS, and Jenny Blackford, President of ABMA
Alejandro Pardinas, CEO of ABS, and Jenny Blackford, President of ABMA

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