ABS, at the Microsoft AI & Innovation Summit in Madrid


It was an honor to have Roberto Suárez represent ABS, Atlantic Bearing Services at two prestigious Microsoft events held in Madrid, Spain: the “Microsoft AI & Innovation Summit” and “Microsoft Ignite.” These forums have ignited new ideas on the ethical and responsible application of Artificial Intelligence within the domains of business management and technical engineering solutions for our industry.

In our annual meeting last week, we delved into how ABS is dedicated to advancing both technical and business development through the exploration of AI-driven innovations. The insights gained from these two Microsoft events in Madrid, which featured a presentation by Microsoft President Brad Smith and were concluded by José Luis Escrivá, Minister for Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain, provided us with a unique opportunity to deeply understand the myriad benefits and opportunities that Microsoft’s AI platform offers. The scalability and practical implementation possibilities it presents are truly promising.

We extend our deepest gratitude for the invitation and look forward to leveraging these insights for the continued growth and innovation at ABS.

ABS - Roberto Suarez at the Microsoft AI event in Madrid
ABS - Roberto Suarez at the Microsoft AI event in Madrid
Brad Smith at the Microsoft AI & Innovation Summit, centrada en IA Responsable y Segura in Madrid

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