Hydraulic Power Units

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The main function of custom made ABS HYDRAULIC POWER UNITS for wind turbines is to supply oil to the hydraulic circuit with the proper pressure and flow for optimum performance and to keep it free of dirt and contaminants. Depending on the model and requirements, our power units can include pumps, reservoirs and accumulators, relief valves, cylinders, filters and regulators and instruments to monitor the performance, among other components. They can also be designed as open, closed, and combined.

Features and benefits

  • Quick hydraulic system operations
  • Safety and reliability
  • Fast, controlled and safe braking
  • Equipped with several sensors that identify any faults immediately and prevent major damage and downtime.
  • Withstands extremely low temperatures
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Cost efficiency
  • High density of power transition.
  • Energy efficient