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ABS can provide bespoke coupling solutions for any brand or technology in the wind sector. Our couplings, like the rest of our products, are subjected to the most demanding quality tests and offer a high level of reliability in their response to the most demanding requirements throughout the useful life of the wind turbines. In addition, ABS couplings for wind turbines usually combine different components (torque limiters, brake disc, spacers…) with variety types of shaft connections offering a complete package to suit each of them.

Coupling types for Wind industry

We design and manufacture different types of couplings and related products according to the requirements of each wind turbine.

  • Composite coupling: with high misalignment capacity, high torsional rigidity, and corrosion free. They require no maintenance and have a long service life.
  • Disc-pack couplings: are torque density couplings with a long service life that can be used for multiple applications. They require no lubrication or maintenance and are torsionally rigid. Ideal for wind turbines requiring a compact solution.
  • Rubber link-type coupling: is a bi-directional coupling for large misalignments. They offer high misalignment capability with very low restoring forces. The rubber elements can be visually inspected and allow easy replacement of the flexible elements if necessary.
  • Gear couplings for test bench: Wind turbines are required to be highly reliable and to ensure their proper operation before being mounted on the tower, they are tested on test benches under the most severe conditions. ABS has the necessary couplings for optimal operation of the test benches.
  • Hydraulic rigid coupling: most modern wind turbines require high torque density couplings to cope with the low speeds and high torques encountered in main shaft and other medium speed configurations. Our flexible and rigid couplings have been used for many years in heavy-duty applications for various industries and have always performed with a high degree of reliability.