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ABS SOLAR marks the beginning of a new and ambitious line of business that will allow us to continue extending our support and activities in the renewable energy sector. Our current offering of solar plant operation and maintenance services is confined to the Mexican territory.

Operation and maintenance for Solar Plants

Service to PV plants and electrical substations, 24/7 with our local O&M teams. The mission of our O&M service is to guarantee the maximum possible production of your assets.

Maintenance and cleaning of photovoltaic modules, review of structural damage and removal of oxides in structures, maintenance of inverters, review of electrical wiring and repair of damage, maintenance of emergency systems, thermographic camera inspections of panels and electrical control equipment and substations.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance services for solar plants. ABS Solar México, has a specialized team to carry out corrective maintenance work, maximizing the park’s efficiency and minimizing no-generation times.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance services for solar farms. ABS Solar México, has a specialized team to carry out preventive maintenance work, including panels, trackers, medium voltage cells, wiring systems and transformers.

Trackers mechanical inspection

The mechanical inspection includes the verification of screw tightening torques in the whole structure, verification of leaks in gearmotors, gear lubrication check, verification of the state of adjustment of the connectors of the PV Modules.

Electrical inspection of Trackers

The electrical inspection verifies the different levels of wiring (level 0, level 1, level 2, level 3), the state of the insulation, discoloration and deterioration of the wiring, the state of the control unit of the tracker (TCU).

Voltage-free maintenance in power stations

In this activity, the verification of the tightening torque to screws, filter replacement, cleaning of inverters, verification of the MV cell, verification of auxiliary services status, verification of transformer leakage, verification of fans, verification of modules is carried out of power, verification of electronic components and fuses.

Thermography to transformers M.T.

The inspection to be carried out is classified into two types:

Thermographic capture: During the thermographic inspection, captures are made in the transformers in connection terminals of the low side, high side and center of the radiator.

Photographic capture: the oil level of the transformer and the transformer temperature are inspected, taking evidence with a photograph.


Our team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced solar energy PV professionals who are committed to maximizing project efficiency. ABS SOLAR Mexico complies with the highest standards in terms of Quality, Safety and Health.