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ABS offers its customers in the FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY a wide selection of Conveyors components, Clapboard Chains, Plastic Modular Belts, Bearings, Speed Reducers, as well as multiple accessories for conveyor systems for both packaged products and products in direct contact with the conveyor. In addition, with more than 20 years of experience in product handling systems, our professionals are prepared to propose integrated solutions and operation and maintenance services.

Our service for the Food and Beverage Industry, which is currently being developed in Latin America, provides our customers with components for Conveyors, Slat Chains, Plastic Modular Belts, Bearings or Speed Reducers, as well as the most complete range of accessories for conveying systems for containers and packages usually required in the beverage industry (beer, wine, dairy, bottled water), or in conveying systems in food processing plants, whether packaged or in direct contact with the conveyor (meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables…).

We have a wide experience and the guarantee and certification for the installation and service of consolidated manufacturers such as SYSTEM PLAST, SEW EURODRIVE or SAFARI BELTING, among other leading brands in the sector. We offer the highest efficiency and safety in their production systems, as well as a wide compatibility of accessories and components, and a unique technical support that benefits from the global assistance network of the ABS Group.

We also offer customized end-to-end solutions that guarantee high-performance production, and 24/7 advice from qualified and experienced professionals in packaged and bulk material handling systems. This service includes both the integration of components and the sale and installation of complete conveyor systems and equipment such as palletizers, packers, unpackers, unwrappers, handle and lid applicators for PET lines and other quality control related equipment such as tightness and fill level testers.

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