ACB (Atlantic Custom Bearings) emerges as a new brand of highly engineered bearings. Our philosophy is to offer customers personalized solutions including fair pricing, quick deliveries, small scale production and tailoring of standard bearing designs for a specific customer's need.


ACB does not intend to replace the leading bearing manufacturers but to complement them. Our premature success has been enhanced by maintaining a consistent quality standard throughout the fabrication of very different bearings types supplies.

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Reaching and exceeding customers’ expectations

High quality bearing steel


Internal Bearing design 


Quality control / full traceability


Special Crown profile Rollers and race ways


Bainitically hardened inner and outer ring or case hardened bearing steels.


Surface finish and form optimized rollers, races and ribs.


Personalization capabilities in real time


Special engineering coatings Surface treatment in roller and races.


Real working conditions simulations  using the most advance softwares in the market

Design benefits

Low cost of installation

Easy to replace


Reduces downtime


Increases maintenance efficiency


Meets most application requirements

Quality Control

State of art design, careful manufacturing process and quality control practices, allows us to manufacture customized bearing with the highest quality of the market. All key processes, from bearing design to raw material selection, forging, heat treatment, grinding up and assembly operation. The complete quality control process undergoes a thorough inspection, where 100% of parts are inspected during and after manufacturing process. Additionally we inspect at random in our main QC Lab before final shipment to the customer.

Our engineers use the most advanced software to completely design custom bearings. This process is optimized by including the use of the well known Finite Element analysis (FEM) to meet and exceed each specific application’s working condition needs. A team based relationship is established with the application user in order to obtain the maximum  information  about the actual bearing working condition.  This imperative information is  then considered  to run a realistic simulation for further analysis. According to the simulation analysis results,  component design may be modified if necessary to obtain the appropriate feature response to guarantee the best component performance in the actual application



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