ABS Wind is a full service company specialized in the Power Transmission System. Since 1999, we have been engineering and repairing the major components of the power transmission systems for the Wind Industry. We are globally recognized for our ability to analyze and understand our customers’ problems and offer reliable, cost-effective solutions and personalized service.


Our strengths rely heavily on our field experience, equipment performance feedback knowledge, application engineering know-how as well as design, testing, manufacturing and distribution experience.

We offer: Engineering, Quality Control & Services

Around the world

Memberships and Certifications

Considered one of the 100 fastest growing companies in USA

ISO 9001 certified company and brands

Associated with ASME, PTDA, AGMA, AWEA, ABMA

What we do

Manufacturing and distribution of components  

Drive train  major components

Drive  train accessories

Preventive maintenance materials

Small corrective materials

Large corrective components

Application engineering

Flexibility, adaptability and efficiency

Custom hydraulics and electromagnetic solutions

Procedures and  technical documentation

Custom technical inspections

Technical Report / root cause analysis 

Drawings / 3D module / forces and performance calculations

Design of specific tools

Technical assistance



Repair of electro – mechanical components with warranty

Yaw and Pitch reducer

Electronic cards (Cards COM, MACC, IGBT, CROWBAR)

Hydraulics Components (pitch cylinders, accumulators, pumps)

Electric motors (fan, reducers, brake systems)

Electronic components

Electric accumulators (batteries, UPS)

Other services


Up-Tower repairs

Corrective components

Retrofit implementation



Vibration analysis


Thermal imaging

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