Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings

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Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings consist of a shaft washer, a housing washer, and a cage with tapered rolling elements. Their design facilitates optimum load distribution to support heavy axial loads, operate at high speeds, and reduce friction. They are separable and non-latching bearings to be used in symmetrical or asymmetrical designs. The bearing washers and the cage with roller set can be installed separately.

The housing washer and shaft washer raceways are so designed that the extension lines of both raceways intersect at one point on the bearing centerline axis, which promotes geometrically true rolling motion of the rolling elements.

The contact areas between the rib provided for the shaft washer and/or housing washer and the spherically ground roller large end face are designed so that the rollers can be guided securely and a proper oil film is formed. Tapered roller thrust bearings are suitable for extremely heavy axial load and impact load.

These come in three types, single direction type, double direction type, and screw-down spindle type.

Screw-down spindles type of Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing has been designed for low-speed and heavy load. The shaft washer surface is ground to the convex or concave spherical surface to suit the profiles of the shaft end faces of screw-down spindles. As the spherical shaft washer surface supports the screw-down spindles, some misalignment during rotation is allowable. Some spindle run-out is also allowable since the housing washer raceway is designed flat.