• Alejandro Pardinas

Reparación y Pruebas Multiplicadora Clipper

The Gearbox info:

Turbine Manufacturer          Clipper

Wind Turbine Model            Liberty C89

Gearbox Brand                   Clipper

Gearbox Type                    Clipper Quantum Drive

Ratio                                 73.13

Electric Power                    2,500 kW

Input Speed                       15.5 rpm

Weight                         45,000 kg

Repaired Process executed by ABS Wind Mexico.

  1. Gearbox Disassembly and Inspection.

  2. Spare Parts Replacement:

  3. Bearing Set Replacement.

  4. Main Shaft & Housing Recovery.

  5. Lubrication System Upgrade with the Auxiliary Electric Pump & Control Implementation.

  6. Gearbox Assembly.

  7. Gearbox Load Test.

  8. Gearbox Paint and Final Report.

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