• Alejandro Pardinas

MGS Gears Drop-in Planetary Gearbox

MGS Gears Drop-in Planetary Gearbox for HPGR Twin drive with upgraded gears service

factors and bearings life.

High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) Technology has proven to be exceptionally effective for the crushing of iron ore, coal, cement clinker, copper ore, gold ore, iron ore, diamond ore, platinum ore, and other mineral raw materials.

HPGR are machines of a very high level of productivity. It is common to find a big processing plant depending on a unique HPGR working around the clock. The failure of one of the gear units of an HPGR drive may stop the whole complex or drastically reduce its output.

Maximum reliability is a must in these planetary reducers, whose mechanisms contain many gears and rolling bearings. Only the best gears, mounted on the finest bearings can cope with the challenge of nonstop work in a variable-load almost synchronous roller rotation. Latest technologies coupled with many years of experience make MGS Gears a reliable partner for your HPGR drives.

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